Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Psychology of Sales & Marketing

Did you know that when people make a purchase, they generally buy "with their emotions and then justify their decision with logic later on'?

What? You didn't know that? If you truly want to succeed in business, you need to learn and understand how using psychology can "set you apart from the rest of your competition and take your business to the next level.

Psychology can be applied to all aspects of your sales and marketing efforts and will give you that all important "edge" over your competitors.

People desperately want to feel cared for and understood more than anything else, and the businesses that understand this vital pyschological factor will gain a major advantage over their competitors.

How you can read the minds of your customers?

Yes, you are right. You can read through your customers and guide them to where you want to get them. Today, recent advances in behavioural sciences have made it possible to read between the lines and understand the human behaviour with more clarity.

Every customer is different and needs a different approach to sales. Gone are the days where amateurs thought that the only way to sell is to give a canned sales pitch. You have the benefit of choosing the solutions sales methods that help you understand the actual needs of the customers.

Techniques like the Self-expressive method, Personality Style Flexing, personal style at work and off work, Communication pattern audit, Behaviour analysis, Objective analysis, emotional literacy, learning styles and stages and so on help you to be more productive on the field with your customers. These are scientific methods and hence you are sure of reaching your targets and probably surpass it.

The role of a professional salesperson is much like that of a doctor. It is necessary to diagnose the situation and prescribe a suitable treatment. It is necessary to understand the customer’s mind to determine the right prescription.
Many sales professionals are master communicators and have the ability to talk their way through just about any situation but lack the skills to use their natural demeanor to their advantage in a presentation. Other sales professionals have the skills to build powerful presentations but lack the communication skills to reinforce their message.
The Effective Sales professional is able to look for and identify levels of client acceptance. And he realizes that it is only through tracking and responding to these levels that the sales may precede to the close.
The ability to understand one’s selling style, the pattern of one’s behaviours, as perceived by clients will determine how much influence you have on them. If a Sales professional is seen as being more concerned about the client (client focus) rather than product (product focus), will in the long run be more successful than others.
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