Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ideas for Using SMS

SMS is a great way to communicate and there is no end to its uses. From businesses to individuals and groups, keeping touch is easy with BulkSMS.com, by Celerity Systems.
BulkSMS-Banking: SMS services enable banks to provide better customer service. These include sending transaction notifications, balances summaries or statement notifications or information services such as rates and special offers.
BulkSMS-Bid: SMS services extend the functionality of auctions services to the mobile/wireless devices such as mobile bidding and special interest alerts.
BulkSMS-Company: SMS services to help a company stay in touch with their staff and customers by sending meeting confirmations, important notices, incentive messages and product announcements.
BulkSMS-CRM: SMS services which allows enhanced interaction with the customer like promotion campaign, complaint management system, logistics support and supply chain management.
BulkSMS-Credit Card: SMS services to notify when purchases are made, of current balances and special offers.
BulkSMS-Financial: SMS services to send portfolio information, stock quotes, price alerts and news headlines.
BulkSMS-Groups: SMS services to help groups communicate with each other about activities, meeting and special interest information.
BulkSMS-Info: SMS services that send news, sports scores, weather, horoscopes, classifieds and exchange rates.
BulkSMS-Locate: SMS services offering driving directions, yellow pages, street address directory, e-taxi, traffic delays and flight arrival/departure updates.
BulkSMS-Marketing: SMS services to support marketing campaigns and promotional activities via coupons, special offers and incentives.
BulkSMS-Personal Info: SMS services offering reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, gifts, public holidays, bill payments, meetings, tasks & events.
BulkSMS-Reserve: SMS services for the notification of availability of movie tickets, restaurant reservations and hotels availability.
BulkSMS-School: SMS services to send absentee alerts, special announcements, exam notifications, result notifications, event notifications and parent notifications.
BulkSMS-Shopper: SMS services to announce product availability, holiday specials and mobile coupons.