Saturday, January 14, 2012

Making the most from an SMS

In order to to make SMS work it is important to make sure the message is clear and respects the delivery medium. A clear message of 160 characters means that the sender needs to make sure that all pertinent information is included.
Create clear messages. Making sure that the message is clear and concise is very important. A clear message will increase the impact of the message.
Include contact information. This ensures that the receiver will know who the message is from and will allow them to contact you if necessary.
Don't send SPAM. Because SMS goes to phones, which people view as a personal resource, junk messages or too many messages will degrade the value of this communication medium.
There are three general goals that most marketing tries to achieve. These are: increase business from existing customers, gain new customers in established and new markets and improve profits.
The message you deliver will be set by these goals. Determining which goal you want to achieve is key to creating a clear message that impacts the receiver. Before writing the message it is important to determine what action you want the receiver to take. This is also how you will judge the success of your efforts.
To do all this and achieve the marketing goals in an SMS of 160 characters does take planning. Sending test messages to people with whom you are associated but who are not knowledgeable about the campaign can help make success.